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Shin Kaya 1.2" Go Board w/ Double Convex Yunzi Stones and Burma Padauk Wood Bowls Set


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

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  • Reversible shin kaya board; this board has the look and feel of the highly revered kaya wood, but is much less expensive. Our shin kaya comes from Tibetan spruce of the Yunnan province in southern China. The grids are 21.5mm x 23mm (Japanese standard size). This board has a 19x19 playing field on one side and a 13x13 playing field on the other. The board's dimensions are 18.1" x 16.9" x 1.2" (46cm x 43cm x 3cm). Because of the nature of wood, the grain varies from board to board.
  • Yunzi stones; 181 black and 180 white 9.2mm (Size 33) double convex Yunzi stones included. Each stone measures 9.2mm tall and 21.5mm wide (approximately 0.36" x 0.85"). Yunzi stones have a balance and a deeply rich color that are instantly noticeable. They also leave an audible ''snap'' as you place them on the board. The texture, symmetry, and precision of these stones are superior.
  • Burma padauk wood bowls; Burma padauk is renowned for its strength, hardness, stability, and beauty. Each bowl in this set of 2 measures 6.3" x 3.9" (16cm x 10cm). A pair of straps with Velcro fasteners are also included to secure Go bowl lids during storage and transport.
  • Vinyl carrying case; vinyl carrying case for stones and bowls is included. The case contains a center divider that protects the pair of Go bowls from rubbing, scraping, and scratching each other while they are placed in the case.

Item YN-TS012-A_YN-SB025-A

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