Staunton No. 4 Tournament Chess Pieces in Wooden Box - 3" King


Brand: Wegiel

Staunton chess pieces have been the standard for tournament chess since 1849. These attractive pieces, hand crafted in Poland from hornbeam wood, are packaged in a beautiful wooden box. Each chessman is weighted with metal.

  • King: 3.15" (8cm). Queen: 2.76" (7cm). Pawn: 1.42" (3.6cm).
  • Case measures 6.5"W x 3"H x 5"D (16.5cm x 7.5cm x 12.8cm)
  • Case is made from beech and birch. Felt bottom chessmen are made from hornbeam.
  • Hand crafted in Poland.

Item SH-CH103-A

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