Mancala Set With Solid Wood Board and Quartz Pebble Playing Pieces


Hone your strategic counting skills with Mancala, a 6th-Century "count and capture" game. Complete with wood board, playing pebbles & game instructions.

  • Exquisite One Piece Wooden Board: The board features a beautifully detailed motif that reflects the game's origins; Made from solid rubberwood, the board measures 17.3 x 4.5 x 1 inches (44 x 11.5 x 2.5 centimeters); Each end pocket is 0.8 inch (2 centimeters) deep and 1.9 inch (4.8 centimeters) in diameter; Each middle pocket is 0.8 inch (2 centimeters) deep and 1.4 inch (3.5 centimeters) in diameter
  • Complementing Playing Pieces: Includes 48 colorful quartz pebble game pieces; Each pebble is about 10 millimeters in diameter; Exact sizes of pebbles vary
  • 2-Player Game For Ages 5 And Up: Mancala is derived from the Arabic word, "Naqala," which means, "to move"; The objective is to see which player can get the most stones into their store
  • Set comes with an easy-to-follow illustrated instructions
  • Benefits of Playing Mancala: Fun and easy to learn, Mancala also improves counting and fine motor skills; Playing it enhances strategic thinking and social skills

Item SN-MC002-A
UPC 810989025389

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Bought this mancala board as a birthday present. It’s beautiful!! Nice quality and the stones are even pretty! Will definitely purchase from here again! Extremely pleased!

Yanka Erimtan
We love it!

Great product, sturdy, well made! We thank the artisans who made them and for your company to sustain them and offering theses products to us.

Joe Winston
Beautifully crafted set for a classic game

Mancala is a simple game that's very tactical - handling the stones is one of its pleasures - so the Yellow Mountain set, which has varied, natural stones, which are all very smooth, and a lovely carved wood board, is very satisfying.

Charles Lafave

Totally love it. Though I do wish it were a little bigger, like the ones I played with in West Africa 40 years ago. Thanks.

Katie Green
Great experience

I purchased this Mancala board as a gift and my friend absolutely loved it! The board is beautiful as well as the playing pieces. It was a hit with her entire family over the holidays. Shipping was also extremely fast! I will definitely purchase from this company again.