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Wright Patterson Standard Mahjong Scoring Coins - Set of 141


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Replace missing scoring coins or upgrade your entire set with our Wright Patterson Standard Mahjong Scoring Coins. A total of 141 zinc coins in 5 colors.

  • CLASSIC SCORING COINS: Wright Patterson Mah Jongg is also known as "The Officer's Wives Club (OWC) Rules"; These standard classic Chinese scoring coins are made of zinc; The feel and look of these coins enhance your mahjong game
  • 5 MULTI-COLORED MAHJONG COINS: 1 extra of each color is included as a backup to the standard 136 Wright-Patterson count; This set of 141 beautifully colored coins consists of 41 red, 25 green, 25 white, 25 yellow, and 25 blue coins
  • IDEAL SIZE FOR MAHJONG PLAY: Each coin is 22 millimeters in diameter; They are designed to fit the mahjong rack brass end
  • PORTABLE POUCH: A nifty, velvet pouch is included for convenient storage and transport

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Just as described and just what I needed

Wright Pat metal coins

After years of use, my plastic money chips are beginning to deteriorate. I purchased similar plastic chips recently to replace the original, but they are slick and fly everywhere.
These metal chips are much easier to use. They make the game look more Asian with characters imprinted.
I did not experience any odor as expressed by others. I hope over time and use, the color will not wear off.
I would recommend these metal chips over the plastic ones.

Patti O'Brien
Nice coins

There is no Ònifty velvet pouchÓ:but there is a little drawstring bag. I didn't pay close attention to the number of coins - the version we play requires more coins, so I'm ordering a 2nd set. Shipping was really fast!!

Quality and Confusing

Shipping took slightly longer than expected but the coins arrived at a reasonable date. Opening up the package it appeared as if these had been in storage or somewhere for a while prior to shipping as the plastic bag that held the coins looked well worn from the inside most likely due to the coins having been in there and shuffling about for a while. And as to be expected with metal rubbing against metal, the coins had an off smell similar to old change. They also left a gritty feeling on my hands after handling for the first time. A quick rinse and scrub with some dish soap and the smell was mostly gone (the zinc will always have some slight smell to them) and the gritty feeling was gone.

Overall the coins had a rather consistent quality to them with only one of the 141 being bent ever so slightly. This was fixed with some simple pressure. The bag they came with for storage is of a nice solid quality as well so I don't foresee any chance of these ripping out or being lost any time soon.

As a suggestion for perhaps future orders, it would be fantastic if some kind of reference guide was sent along with the coins denoting the typical values for each color. With so many ways to play Mahjong I've had a very hard time finding a straight forward answer to the Chinese scoring system in relation to coin/stick values. Perhaps a small sheet that notes how many coins per person and the total "pot" that they start with, and then that can be broken down into how many coins are paid out when a player wins a hand.

Zach Linder
As expected - with weird smell

Product is usable and as expected but has a weird smell