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Bamboo 0.8" Etched Go Board w/ Single Convex Yunzi Stones and Bowls Set


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

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Everyone is a winner with this high-quality reversible Go game set that works equally as well for a shorter form game (13x13 side) as it does the standard (19x19 side). Practice makes perfect and we bet you'll absolutely love everything from the craftsmanship of the bamboo board to the satisfying "snap" that the single convex Yunzi stones make when they hit the board. This reversible Go game set sports a .0.8 inch thick etched board, made of solid strips of bamboo. Sustainable, durable and with wood grain varying naturally, each Go board game (and stones) are truly one of a kind. The two included bamboo bowls have straps to secure bowl lids so your Yunzi stones are securely fastened. Protect your Go Game Set (Bamboo) with a carrying bag for bowls and stones, a felt board sleeve for an added layer of security, and never leave home without the answers to any game questions with included instruction booklet, "The Way to Go", by Karl Baker. Bowl dimensions are 5.9" x 3.9" (150mm x 100mm).

  • High-Quality Go Game Set (Bamboo): This durable, sustainable set comes with a sturdy and beautiful board measuring 18.5 x 17.3 x 0.8 inches (47 x 44 x 2 centimeters).
  • Play Both Long And Short Games: This reversible Go game set lets you play a more informal game on the 13x13 side and the standard longer-form game on the 19x19 side.
  • Solid Single Convex Yunzi Stones: Own your Bamboo Go game set with generously sized (Size 33) single convex Yunzi stones included; each stone measures 9.2 millimeters tall and 21.5 millimeters wide (approximately 0.36" x 0.85"). Oh, SNAP!
  • Professional Grade: Yunzi stones are the official stones of all professional Chinese Weiqi (Go) tournaments
  • We've Got You Covered: With everything ready, including bamboo bowls, bowl securing straps, bowl carrying case, felt board sleeve and the instruction booklet, "The Way to Go", by Karl Baker, you're ready to "Go"!

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