Japanese Riichi Mahjong Set - White and Yellow Standard Size Tiles with Black Vinyl Case - with East Wind Tile, Set of Betting Sticks, & Dice


Play the exciting variation of Japanese mahjong and enjoy classic, quality craftsmanship with this neat and compact Riichi set.

  • Japanese Mahjong Set: The most commonly played variant in Japan and Europe and the chosen Mahjong version of the European Mahjong Association; Plays with "Riichi" scoring rules and "Dora" tiles which throws an extra element of luck and uncertainty into the mix for a thrilling game!
  • 144 Standard Size Tiles: Each white tile is cleanly contrasted against a yellow backside and measures 1 x 0.8 x 0.6 inch (2.6 x 2.0 x 1.6 centimeters); These scratch-resistant melamine tiles are marked with bright engraving to prevent rubbing off due to repeated play; Includes 36 circles, 36 bamboos, 36 characters, 12 dragons (red, green and white), 16 winds (north, south, east, west), 4 flowers, and 4 red fives
  • Ready-to-Play Set: Inclusive of four trays for tile storage, four dice, a set of betting sticks, and an east wind tessera (for determining seating placement); The compact black vinyl case measures 11.2 x 7.3 x 2 inches (28.5 x 18.5 x 5 centimeters); Entire set weighs 5.5 lbs(2.5kg)
  • Preferred Mahjong Version in Europe: Much like American Mahjong has its preferences, this modern variant of Japanese Mahjong is commonly played in Europe and is the chosen Mahjong version of the European Mahjong Association
  • Please note that these tiles are smaller than large size Japanese Mahjong tiles

Item YW-JM001-A
UPC 810126016072

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
William Slusarz

Solid set, I wish the bigger tile set was more in stock

Lucile Faulkner
Christmas gift

I have no idea because it is a gift

Michael Padilla
Great Kit, Terrible Case

Me and my friends have had a great deal of fun playing Riichi. My only issue with this set is the case, as another customer so perfectly said, is "doomed to fail". Do not trust the handle on this case, always carry it by the bottom. Other than that one qualm, the rest of the kit is spectacular, the rulebook was able to teach me from scratch and is really easy to follow.

Timothy Streasick

High Quality, really enjoyed it!

Zebran Kamruzzaman
Great Tiles!

Loved the set. The tiles look great and they are very fun to play with. The one issue I have is the quality of the case. The leather feels nice but it can serve to be built a bit sturdier because the car is inconveniently fragile. Otherwise, the set is a must buy and surely a memorable purchase for years to come.